How to download a meeting list

This website allows you to download a PDF meeting list customised for your own needs or the needs of your AA Group.

List of meetings close by

The Find Meetings page will allow you to find all the meetings close to a particular location. Enter a location – either an Australian place name or a post code.

Then select ‘Any Day’ or the particular days you want to include. And then select ‘Any Time’ or the particular times of day you want (morning, lunch time, afternoon, evening) .

The resulting list displays meetings starting with the closest one to the centre of the postcode or place you selected. The distance is shown along side the map button for each one.

The ‘Map’ button shows you a Google Map of the location and the ‘Directions’ button on the map will open Google Maps so you can get directions.

Clicking on the ‘Download PDF’ will give you some options:

  • Number of meetings
  • Font size
  • Order

Select the number of meetings you want to include. For example, selecting 40 will include the 40 closest meetings. Caution: selecting ‘All’ when all days and all times-of-day have been chosen will list all in Australia!

Changing the font size will change the print size and therefore change the number of pages that will print. For example, 40 meetings printed at font size 9 will fill a single page. But 40 meetings at font size 12 will fill two whole pages.

The ‘Order’ for the print determines the order the meetings will appear in your PDF. It defaults to ‘day’. This will print the range of meetings in day order – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Changing this to ‘by town/suburb’ will list the meetings in alphabetical order of location. Changing the order to ‘by distance’ will order them by distance from the chosen location. If  ‘by day and time of day’ is chosen the meetings are separated into times-of-day within each day and each day is printed on a separate page.

List meetings by State/Region

Lists can also be generated for a State, a number of Sates or selected Regions within a States.

The List Meetings page allows you to select which Australian States to include, or click ‘Regions’ to expand the list to show all the pre-defined Regions in each State. In this way you could, for example, select all country regions in NSW plus the ACT, and leave out Sydney meetings.

You can then select the order for the list: day, day and time of day, location, state and day or region and day.

Then select the ‘Any Day’ or the particular days you want to include. And then select ‘Any Time’ or the particular times of day (morning, lunch time, afternoon, evening)  you want.

The ‘Download PDF’ button will allow you to select font size then download your list.

Hide meetings and Favourite meetings

An added feature allows you to ‘hide’ particular meetings from the list generated by either of the methods above. The hidden meetings are not included when the list is downloaded as a PDF.

Alternatively, you can get a list of just your favourite meetings. Click the star to select the meetings want to include in your favourites list. Only those will be included in the downloaded PDF.

Bookmarking your lists

Once you have set up your preferred list, you can add a bookmark to your browser for later use. All browsers have a ‘bookmark this page’ function. On your mobile phone, you should be able to mark the page as a ‘favourite’ or save a link to the page on your home screen.

When you return to your bookmarked page, your list will include all the new and modified meetings in your selected range and the deleted meetings will have disappeared.