Online AA meetings

Australian AA Meetings Are Moving Online

Because of the Coronavirus stay-at-home rules, many AA groups are finding new ways hold meetings online.

Online Meetings Are Not New to AA

Online meetings have been used in AA for a long time. Members have been connecting online for as long as there has been an internet.

Many AA members use online AA meetings as a supplement to more traditional types of meetings; others (by virtue of geography, disability, or scheduling conflicts) may not be able to share in the fellowship any other way.  With the former group, the bond of fellowship is strengthened through the much wider geographical reach of the Internet; with the latter group, the experience, strength, and hope of others in similar circumstances can be a lifeline to sobriety.

Online meetings come in a variety of formats: real-time chat, email meetings, telephone chats, A/V meetings using Skype or other applications, and discussion board meetings.  Some are targeted toward specific groups: women, military, deaf/hard-of-hearing; and there are meetings available in a number of languages.  Many have regular schedules, and some are ‘catch-as-catch-can’, with members posting when there is time and a burning desire.

Online meetings are an excellent supplement to regular face-to-face meetings but are in no way intended to be a substitute for them. In reality, they afford that extra dimension of catching up on one, any time any hour. More so especially, if an individual is troubled, despairing and in urgent need of our AA fellowship therapy.

Australian Online Intergroup

The Australian Online Intergroup (AOIG) is at;

Feel free to go there and look around at what might interest you. AOIG is composed of elected representatives of the online AA groups wishing to participate, chosen by their respective groups.

International Online Intergroup

The International online group which serves as administrative committee for many of the online meetings is at;

It has more than 10,000 unique visitors each month from dozens of countries around the world, and answers more than 400 requests each month from individuals seeking help, encouragement, direction, and support.