Financial Policy


AA financial policy and contributions

Over the years, Alcoholics Anonymous has affirmed and strengthened a tradition of being fully self-supporting and of not seeking, or accepting, contributions from non-members. When outside contributions are received at the General Service Office of AA, they are returned with a note explaining AA’s position on the question of self-support.

In Australia, the maximum contribution from an individual member is limited. From 2016, the maximum total donation limit from any member in any given year is $15,000. The maximum bequest from a deceased AA member is $25,000. These amounts are reviewed from time to time.

Expenses at the group level for rental of meeting places, coffee and refreshments, literature, etc., are met by “passing the hat.” In a majority of groups, an amount is set aside regularly for the support of AA World Services.

How to Contribute to the General Service Office

Cheque or money order payments may be made to: General Service Board of AA Australia (“GSB of AA Australia” will suffice) and posted To: 1/1 Garnet Street Rockdale, NSW 2216

Or, payment can be transferred into our account via any financial institution by internet (not BPay), using:

BSB 012006

A/C No.: 009750529

A/C Name: GSB of AA Australia

  ….and a suitable identifying note in the Payee reference field. (e.g. Group Name).

General Service Office of AA does not have the facility to accept Credit Card Payments.

Receipts for donations can be issued on request.

Donations can also be made online through this website. 

Banking deposit Books are available for Groups to contribute, on request to General Service Office.

Membership opportunities

Action club membership

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AA Birthday club membership

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