AA Literature and reference material

A substantial body of literature describing and interpreting the AA program has developed. AA literature is available from local groups, Central Service Offices or the General Service Office of AA.


  • Alcoholics Anonymous (575 pages)
    Originally published in 1939, this is the “book of experience” from which the Fellowship derived its name. It contains an analysis of the principles which led to the sobriety of the earliest members, together with a representative cross section of members’ personal stories. The Second Edition in 1955 added new personal-experience material, but retained the opening, explanatory chapters, unchanged. The same course was followed for the Third Edition in 1976 and a Fourth, in 2001.
  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (192 pages)
    Published in 1953, this book contains a detailed interpretation of principles of personal recovery and group survival by Bill W., co-founder of the Fellowship.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age (333 pages)
    Written by Bill W. and published in 1957, this is the first book-length account of the birth, development, and expansion of AA during its first two decades.
  • As Bill Sees It (The AA Way of Life) (333 pages)
    A reader comprising selections from the writings of Bill W.
  • Dr. Bob and The Good Oldtimers (373 pages)
    Published in 1980, this biography of AA’s co-founder also includes pioneer members’ recollections of early AA in the Midwest.
  • “Pass It On”
    The Story of Bill Wilson and How The AA Message Reached the World (429 pages) Biography of AA co-founder, published in 1984.
  • Daily Reflections (382 pages)
    A Book of Reflections By AA Members For AA Members


  • Message Stick (74 pages)
  • Came To Believe (120 pages)
  • Living Sober (87 pages)
  • AA In Prison: Inmate To Inmate (127 pages)


  • 44 Questions
  • AA Traditions – How It Developed
  • Members of the Clergy Ask About AA
  • The AA Group
  • AA Membership Survey
  • Three Talks To Medical Societies By Bill W.
  • AA As a Resource for the Medical Profession
  • Is AA For You?
  • Is AA For Me?
  • This is AA
  • Questions and Answers on Sponsorship
  • AA for the Woman
  • The Jack Alexander Article
  • Letter to a Woman Alcoholic
  • AA for Aboriginal People
  • LGBTQ Alcoholics in A.A.
  • Young People and AA
  • AA and the Armed Services
  • The AA Member-Medications and Other Drugs
  • Do You Think You’re Different?
  • Is There an Alcoholic in Your Life?
  • Inside AA
  • The Twelve Steps Illustrated
  • The Twelve Traditions Illustrated
  • The Twelve Concepts Illustrated
  • Let’s Be Friendly With Our Friends
  • Time to Start Living (for older alcoholics; also available in large print)
  • A Newcomer Asks
  • How AA Members Cooperate with Professionals
  • AA in Correctional Facilities
  • A Message to Correctional Facilities Administrators
  • AA in Treatment Facilities
  • Bridging The Gap
  • If You Are a Professional…..
  • A Member’s-Eye View of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Problems Other Than Alcohol
  • Understanding Anonymity
  • The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Speaking At Non-AA Meetings
  • A Brief Guide to AA
  • What Happened to Joe (full-color, comic-book style)
  • It Happened to Alice (full-color, comic-book style)
  • Too Young? (full-color, comic-book style)
  • It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell
  • Memo to an Inmate
  • AA in Your Community

Flyers & fact sheets

  • AA At a Glance
  • Where Do I Go From Here?
  • Carrying the Message Into Correctional Facilities
  • A Message to Teenagers
  • Information on Alcoholics Anonymous

Single copies of Conference-approved pamphlets and flyers are available without charge to anyone with a professional interest in the AA program.

Videos – DVD

  • Bill’s Own Story
  • Bill Discusses the Twelve Traditions
  • It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell / Behind These Walls
  • Young People and AA / Rap With Us
  • Hope / Inside View Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The Steps and What They Mean To Us

Audio CDs

  • Alcoholics Anonymous 4th Edition
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (First eleven chapters)
  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
  • AA Comes of Age
  • Living Sober