Plea for Experienced AA Sponsors to Travel to the Northern Territory

The Tennant Creek Group in the Northern Territory opened on 15 March 2016 and was promptly swamped by patients from the local rehab. Matt K, the only member of the Group who is not a rehab patient, has recently had to leave Tennant Creek for a work opportunity, leaving all of the rehab patients without anyone to sponsor them or run the Group’s meeting.

The Group seeks experienced AA sponsors, male and female, to travel to Tennant Creek to expedite some of the members of the Group through the 12 Steps. It is envisaged that, once some of the members of the Group are working on Step 9, they will be able to sponsor the remaining members of the Group.

Most of the rehab patients are Indigenous for whom English is a second language. Consequently, a talk-based method rather than a reading and writing based method may be more effective. Unless you are able to spend weeks in Tennant Creek, an expedited journey through the Big Book and the 12 Steps will be needed.

Male and female AA members interested in this 12-Step opportunity may call Matt K on 0409 543 165. Funding for your expenses may be available through the Remote Communities fund.

Marg M
Chair, Central Service Office, Darwin