Press release January 2010

January is a cold, dark place for the problem drinker!

Christmas is the season of goodwill and, the New Year promises hope!

But for the problem drinker, with the best intentions, it repeatedly doesn’t work out that way.

We in AA know what it’s like to promise ourselves that this Silly Season will be different – again. We will control our drinking and stop before it’s too late. And we know how devastating it is to wake up on the floor, or worse, and not remember how we got there – again.

January is a cold and dark place for the person with a drinking problem.

But we in AA can help

  • AA Australia is a self-help organisation with over 18,000 members who meet in 1,900 weekly groups. Many old-timers in Australia have over 50 years of continuous sobriety. Worldwide, AA has transformed the lives of over millions of people over the 75 years since it started.
  • The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking.
  • There are no dues or fees, or people in authority telling you what to do.
  • The AA fellowship consists of meetings where members get together and tell what life was like when they were drinking, how they stopped with the aid of AA and, what life is like now.
  • AA is non-religious. When the word “God” is used, it is thought of as the individuals’ own “higher power” – this can be the group itself, or whatever works.

AA can provide:

  • Pamphlets in various foreign languages, and some particularly for Aboriginal People.
  • Community Service Announcements for TV and radio.
  • Also, members are always available for interviews, although to comply with AA’s Tradition of Anonymity, they do not show their faces on TV.


For more information please contact a local AA office.