Vacancies: Voluntary Co-ordinator Positions


The term of office is four years.
The new Co-ordinator is appointed by the Chairman of the Trustees’ Remote Communities Committee, in consultation with the General Service Board.
The responsibilities of the Co-ordinator are:

  • To actively encourage and promote the growth of Remote Communities activities throughout Australia. Remote communities are defined as those separated from the programme and Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous by language, geography, culture, impairment of sight, hearing, mental health and other permanent or temporary disabilities.
  • To act as a positive communication link, through reporting, writing, email, the Service website and displays between all parts of the Fellowship with an interest in relevant Service work;
  • Be in regular contact with the Chairperson of the Trustees’ Remote Communities Committee in order to be apprised of Service opportunities;
  • Liaise with the Board and General Service Office in seeking or conveying requested information, and in implementing national scale projects;
  • Send short Reports on main activities (dot points) to the February & July Board meetings via the General Service Office with cc to the Chair of the relevant Trustees’ Committee, and report fully to the Board and annual GS Conference in November.
  • Publish and distribute a monthly newsletter sharing information on AA activities in Remote Communities.
  • Share information regarding activities in Remote Communities on the service website.