Online Meeting Warning – Zoom Bombers

In recent days some Australian AA Zoom meetings have come under attack from “trolls” or “Zoom bombers”.  The Trolls break into Zoom meetings and interrupt with obscene comments and pornographic images.

If this happens during your meeting, please be patient while the chairperson and Zoom host try to deal with the situation. You may decide to leave the meeting.

It’s not just Australian AA meetings that are affected. This is happening all over the world. Schools, colleges, business meetings, every organisation that has to publish its meeting ID on the Internet.

What can we do about it?

AA is working at finding solutions while keeping our online meetings freely accessible so we can help the alcoholic who still suffers.

We can look at these Zoom bombers as sick people.  We need to be tolerant.  Many of us were pretty sick at one time too.  Try not to react.  Maintain dignity.  Keep on carrying the message as calmly as we can.

General Service Office Australia
1st April 2020